Chambre Artisanale des Petites Entreprises du Bâtiment du Calvados

CAPEB calvados is the building entrepreneurs' association of small businesses of Calvados whose goal is to promote building contractors of all trades and support artisans through negotiations with the government and agencies.
CAPEB aims at:
- guarantee equal opportunities between smaller businesses and other contractors
- support craftmen in their legal, economics, social and professional issues
- promote innovation in the building sector for SMEs
- promote construction jobs to learners and general public in cooperation with learning providers.
CAPEB has also developed the new label "eco artisan" which is delivered to companies which have gained experience through specific training and passed audit delivery. The idea is to offer customers a guarantee to have skilled service providers they can trust. CAPEB also promotes new approaches for craftsmen to undertake joint interventions to be more efficient in the context of the new regulations.
CAPEB 14 actively collaborates with national CAPEB, to which it's naturally linked, contributing to the definition of the national guidelines of the sector. CAPEB 14 works in close contact with CAPEB representatives in ail French regions.
CAPEB calvados is also an active member of the European Builders' Confederation whose goal is to represent, defend and promote the interests of construction craftsmen at European level. European Builders' Confederation has been informed about this project and they will support the project activities. Among the tasks of European Builders' Confederation there is the monitoring of EU activities and keeping members informed about forthcoming legislation, projects and other issues. With its network of experts, European Builders' Confederation establishes its position papers, which are then validated by the national organisations and defended jointly in Brussels and before national bodies.

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