FORMEDIL Emilia-Romagna is a non-profit Consortium constituted in 2006. It’s the Established Bilateral Corporation of all the 10 provincial Building Schools, the regional Category Associations and the regional Trade Union Organizations belonging to the construction sector: ANCE, Legacoop, CNA, Confartigianato, Confcooperative, Agci, Filca-Cisl, Fillea-Cgil and Feneal-Uil. It actively collaborates with national network of building schools FORMEDIL, contributing to the definition of the national training guidelines of the sector.
FORMEDIL Emilia-Romagna is a private organisation accredited by Emilia-Romagna Region for vocational training activities for contractors and workers, graduates and apprentices. By its Statute, Formedil Emilia Romagna has role of promotion, implementation and coordination of the regional vocational training in the construction sector. In particular, FORMEDIL Emilia-Romagna carries out the functions of: representation of the Regional Building Schools, analysis and identification of training needs for workers, dissemination of good practices, and wherever else considered useful to achieve qualitative homogeneity and rationalization of resources for training of the construction sector. It promotes research and training projects in the construction sector specially for quality and sustainability of constructions. It realizes such activities both directly and through the Building Schools partners. It also co-operates with Technical Schools and Universities of the regional territory. FORMEDIL Emilia-Romagna takes action in regional, national and European training systems with special reference to activities in close cooperation with many public and private organisations.
In 2018 the activity of the Provincial Building Schools was: 1,258 courses and 27,292 hours of training, with 22 average hours of courses. The learners were 17,338, of which 12,791 workers and 4,350 technicians.
It is associate partner of Foundation ITS “Environment, Energy, Building”, School of technique Specialization that provides for technicians in sustainable energy savings.
It is associate partner of BUILD Clust-ER, an association of public and private organisations (companies, research centres and training institutions) that aims to support the innovation system in the building and construction field, developing collaborative research and technology transfer activities with focus on energy-efficient and resilient buildings, sustainable froman environmental, economic and social point of view.

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