GIP-FCIP de Normandie - coordinator of the project

GIP-FCIP de Normandie has just been established in January 2019 and is the result of the merging of two former GIP-FCIP located in Rouen and in Caen. GIP FCIP de Normandie is a department of the head- office of State Education in Normandy. It takes part in the definition and implementation of the education authority's policy in the field of vocational training in conjunction with the related stakeholders.
This organisation also enables public educational institutions, initial or ongoing, to develop projects, mostly with EU funding under ESF, Interreg, Erasmus + ... The main expertise of the GIP-FCIP regards training design and organization particularly in adult training as part of the GRETA network, and social responsability of organisations (equal opportunities diversity, inclusion of disadvantaged target group, gender equality, sustainable developement).
In 2018, the GRETA network trained more than 24 000 people in 315 training sites. It provides courses for unemployed people, blue and white collar employees in various trades. GIPFCIP will act also as an umbrella organization for the technical and vocational high schools (part of National Education in the region) and adult training centres, this, in the context of the French reform related to Vocational training which tends to implement a departitioning of the training offer : initial and ongoing fostering a stronger collaboration and more interactions between both.
GIP-FCIP bilingual team has gained considerable experience in leading several complex EU projects under Leonardo, Grundtvig, ESF, Interreg IVa... as partner as well as coordinator. Teachers, heads of secondary schools, heads of VET schools and vocational departments will be involved in this project as well as training advisors and trainers from the GRETAnetwork. A group of teachers and trainers will be involved in the design of the outputs and the implementation of the different activities.

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