Järva County Vocational Training Centre

Järva County Vocational Training Centre in central Estonia offers a wide range of professional training through its 25 fields of study. Our motto is „Learning is a matter of the heart!“, which is why we strive to instil the value of lifelong learning to students of all ages. Our vocational training programs are on the basis of a basic education, on the basis of a secondary education, for prevocational learners, and offers higher technical training for adult learners. The school has 127 staff between its two campuses in Paide , and in Särevere. The school has enrolled annually over 1000 students and almost 2000 adult learners. Student dormitories were constructed in 2012, offering 220 places in Paide and 196 places in Särevere with each apartment unit housing 2 - 4 individuals with modern and necessary accessories (bedding, bathroom, kitchen, kitchenware, etc.). We are the only State vocational school in Estonia offering full courses in fields of Equine Management and Road Construction, Veterinarian Assistant, biogas operators, water treatment plants operators and Fish farming. The basic length of vocational training is between 1 to 3,5 years contingent upon the basis of a having a basic education, secondary education or being an adult learner. There are four main study departments: Service and Economics; IT and Logistics, Engineering and Construction; and Agricultural Studies. Course makeup is 70% theoretical and 30% of practical. Anintegral part of each educational program, students secure their own practice placements spending between 8 to 12 weeks in companies depending upon the study program.

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