Associazione N.E.T. is a not for profit association founded in 2001 by experts of the training and educational sector. N.E.T. addresses above all disadvantaged people like:
1. women
2. long term unemployed
3. youth
4. elderly
5. migrants
to support them in terms of social inclusion, training and employment. The association is very active at local and regional level by collaborating with public organisations and institutions like Regions, Municipalities, Local Health Units (ULSS), Universities, Chambers of Commerce but not only. Associazione N.E.T. is very active in the third sector tackling the development of fair and self-sustainable activities and taking care of the creation of a sustainable economy that relies on micro-credit and share economy by co-working with cooperatives and associations of the private sector which, in Italy, often substitutes the Public sector in many fields.
Associazione N.E.T. is significantly engaged also at transnational level by developing projects that effect the above-mentioned categories. Our years-long experience is the result of a successful collaboration with experts of different fields and sectors. The network of specialists we have been creating so far is one of the strong points we can count on in order to promote innovative activities and cooperation with partners all over Europe.
Associazione N.E.T. also aims at contributing to local, regional and national development by organising activities and developing sustainable community projects and programmes. Recently the Association has worked to promote fair and sustainable type of activities developing innovative actions and supporting new ideas. New objectives relate to:
1. Fair self-entrepreneurship
2. Environmental protection
3. Green building
4. Organic/biodynamic agriculture
5. Healthy cooking-eating and lifestyle
6. Sustainable tourism
7. Multimedia development
Associazione N.E.T. belongs to 2 important networks, one at European level and the second one at national level:
1. MAG (Mutual Organisation for self-management) supports associations, cooperatives and organisations belonging to the third sector, at national level. It deals above all with fairbusiness start-ups, fair finance and microcredit. Associazione N.E.T. is member of it since 2001
2. I CARE NETWORK – it is a network of organisations aiming at protecting environment, human beings and animals against any type of crime. Organisations so far are 23 located all
over Italy and dealing with different issues.

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