IO2 - A Curriculum: Renovation of Concrete Buildings

The curriculum will be the result of the previous work undertaken to determine the aspects which need to be taken into account if we consider the rehabilitation of concrete buildings and housings in view of reducing energy consumption, ensuring a healthy environment (air quality, soundproofing for instance) and an environment adapted to new lifestyles, new expectations and new construction standards. Both parts of the before mentioned comparative analysis will be cross-examined and this comparison should allow partners to determine knowledge, skills and competences required to be able to undergo a comprehensive analysis of a building and propose a global answer to the owner. Consequently, a new curriculum will be devised to upskill professionals and future professionals on the issue. This output is expected to be used by training providers in order to train professionals and future professionals on the rehabilitation of concrete buildings. This curriculum as such does not exist yet.

The curriculum is made up of four units of learning outcomes and the learning process comprises the following units:
- Unit 1: Analysis of concrete building typologies to be regenerated/retrofitted
- Unit 2: Analysis and pathologies of concrete buildings
- Unit 3: Techniques for renovation and energy regeneration of concrete buildings
- Unit 4: Energy regeneration: different heating systems and ventilation

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