IO3- A mobile application

The parnership will develop a mobile application that is anticipated to serve as a tool to support professionals and future professionals in the implemation of the curriculum in practical sitruations and with the main purpose of the analysis of the building. User manual is part of the guide for professionals.

It will focus on some main topics (to be confirmed with  the works undertaken previously:

  • energy efficiency (for energy savings)
  • energy efficiency and air quality (related to health)
  • enegry and comfort of use
  • layouts of the accommodations (links with lifestyles)

It will comprise various reading girds to enable craftsman to analyse a building and pay attention to certain pathologies of the building or riskis of the pathologies. It will be devised as a kind of check-list with:

  • points of vigilance;
  • describtions to chose from for each point mentioned above;
  • and a potential solution to propose in each case.

The result will be a diagnoses of the flat/house/building.

It will provide the craftmen with elements to think of before undertaking and kind of works and submit a proposal which can be appropriate.