IO4 - A guide for professionals

A Guide: EN, FR, IT, GR, PL, ET

This output will consist of the development of case studies so as to illustrate the knowledge and competences identified in the mapping of competences. Practical situations will enable professionals and future professionals to apply knowledge and competences to concrete situations and buildings. They will have to mobilize them in order to adopt a global building analysis approach and suggest a rehabilitation proposal that will take into account all the topics and points of vigilance identified.

This case studies will be based on "real" buildings. We plan to cooperate with local authorities such as municipalities, regions but also private property owners that will provide us with a concrete situation they face. The case studies will be built upon them.

The analysis will be carried out by trainers and professionals. This is a pro-active approach which is a good mean to take ownership of the process (for the designers) and also a good approach for learners who will be then asked to follow the approach suggested. They will be used as teaching materials.

We will create 6 case studies with different climate environments in order to offer a good range of situations for analysis. Each case study will be devised the same way with a general presentation of the building with technical information (a list to complete will be provided). The main pathologies of the building will be identified, analyzed and put into perspective with health related issues as well as comfort standards. A cross-cutting analysis will then lead to a rehabilitation proposal. The aim of these case studies is to systematize a methodology for professionals and future professionals.

They will be accompanied with a guide for professionals to support them in the implementation of the process and this new comprehensive approach. It will contain advice on how to cooperate with craftsmen from other trades and work in a collaborative way. The guide will also include the use of the mobile application which will have been devised to facilitate the analysis process.

The case studies and the guide will be translated in the language of the partnership so as to ease the use of the materials developed by the educational teams and the professionals and future professionals.